Badminton (Co-Ed)Oscar
Boys BasketballBrian Baum
Girls BasketballTom Harman
Girls Beach VolleyballGarrett Happ
Boys Cross CountryAndy Corman
Girls Cross CountryAndy Corman
Field HockeyKiana Duncan
Boys GolfTom Lockhart
Girls GolfBailee Sandsmark
Boys LacrosseAlex Siegal
Girls LacrosseHolly
Boys SoccerTom Lockhart
Girls SoccerMatt Favor
Swim & DivePhil Disney
Boys TennisKevin
Girls TennisKevin
Boys Track & FieldAndy
Girls Track & FieldAndy
Boys VolleyballTucker
Girls VolleyballLuis Cuatok
Boys Water PoloNoah Tiu 
Girls Water PoloPhil Disney
Wrestling (Co-Ed)Adan Pacheco

CCA Athletic Trainer

Bailee Sandsmark

When to Contact Athletic Trainer?

  • Alert trainer of existing conditions
  • Report all injuries
  • Good source for a referral
  • Need doctors note for clearance to return to athletics
  • If the student sustains a concussion, student must go through the Return to Play/Learn Protocol to get cleared to practice and compete.

858-350-0253 x 4061

CCA Athletics Office

 Contact Us

Brianna Corallo


2:00 pm - end of athletic day

i.e. end of last practice or game

CCA Athletic Director

858-350-0253 x 4025