• Athletes must upload ALL OF THE REQUESTED ITEMS that are applicable to their status before submission.
  • ​Athletes will be cleared after review of documents.
  • You are only cleared once you have received the confirmation email.
  • Apple iPhone's [.HEIC] files will not open, and you will be denied. Please convert to [.jpg, .jpeg, or .png] before uploading.
  • ​Please DO NOT upload Immunizations!
  • Please remember to click Save & Continue to "complete" your application. Otherwise, your status would be "In Progress" on our end, and we do not have the controls to clear you, even if all the documentation is uploaded.
  • ​If you're denied, you will get an email (to the account that signed up) describing the reason of the denial. Log in and fix the issues and be patient as we manually check every document.

Report Card

  • You must be cleared BEFORE ​tryouts. The list of cleared athletes is given to each coach as updated.
  • Anyone trying to be cleared after the window closes may not be cleared in time for tryouts.  Anyone trying to be cleared on the day of tryouts will NOT be cleared. The process is manually done and requires the Athletic Dept. to look over each item to ensure safety of our atheltes.
  • You CANNOT attend tryouts unless cleared.
  • Please be sure to complete and/or correct your registration in a timely manner.
  • You are not automatically approved upon completion as it takes time to review and clear athletes. 
  • If you are DENIED, you will get an email to the account holder with the reason, and you will remain in that status until we have a chance to review your corrections. Thank you for your patience.
  • Athletes must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and complete at least 15 UNITS per grading period to PARTICIPATE in athletics. Eligibility is checked at each grading period. Ineligible athletes will be unable to participate until grades have been officially posted.
  • If approved by a coach to be a TEAM MANAGER, you still must fully register online for that team. You DO NOT need to upload documents.
  • DO NOT upload a PE Credit Contract. Those must be physically turned in to athletics office during the seasonal open window.



1) CIF Transfer Form

​2) CCA Transfer Form

- See CIF Website for other forms needed if Valid Change of Residence is being claimed

- Note that there isn't a spot for transfer documents, but athletes can attach them to any of the other spots. Please be patient with your status.


We will be doing a grade check once rosters are complete and teams are made.  You MUST have a 2.0 to participate in games, but you can still tryout with <2.0

Scroll down to see links and more information regarding all Required Files that athletes need to upload.

Front AND Back.

​Student's name must be listed as insured.

** TriCare use this link to get proof of insurance

ALL athletic clearance questions should be directed to the Athletics Secretary, Darlene: ccaathletics@sduhsd.net or by phone 858-350-0253 ex 4038


​ Clearance


Window Closed


Window Closed

You can still submit, but you may not be cleared in time for tryouts

Medical Eligibility Form 



Form is kept on file for rare instances when a bus cannot be provided.

Students CANNOT drive other students.

Use of Private Automobile Form



Copy of Medical Insurance Card

Window Closed

2022-2023 WINTER - SPRING



- Filled, signed, and dated by health care professional who conducts the student's physical.

​- **DO NOT submit the Health History or Physical Forms. These are meant to be filled out prior to attending your physical for the doctor to review and kept for YOUR records.  

​If you have any further questions about the Clearance process, 

please contact the CCA Athletic Office at ccaathletics@sduhsd.net

Transfer Forms